I’ve often said that I get more news information from Facebook and Twitter, than I do from actual news sources like the paper or TV.  (This isn’t surprising since I mainly watch shows on DVR.)  Anyways, while I was browsing Facebook today, I found out that is National Lasagna Day!  I didn’t even know Lasagna had its own day, let alone that I almost missed it… see, you learn something new every day.

So to celebrate this day of pasta, cheese and sauce, I’ve got a recipe for you!  This one has been saved in my ‘favorites’ for some time now, under “Must Make Recipes”.  I haven’t tried it yet, but if we can catch a break in this heat wave, I will give it a test.

Ready for it?  Petite Lasagnas!  

Who knew lasagna could be cute?

Andie Mitchell, of Can You Stay For Dinner, created an amazing photo-tutorial so you can follow the pictures step-by-step.  Andie’s got quite an amazing story, actually. Five years ago, she lost 135 pounds, and started the blog to catalog her journey about life, loss and food.  She’s 26, and has accomplished so much – definitely check out her site.

Happy Lasagna Day!