Have you been down the card aisle lately?  Stores are making THE cutest note card sets.  Everyone from Target to CVS or even your local supermarket, they all have an array options to suit your peronal style.  And of course there’s a lot of places online to find stationary.  Check out this one I found… I mean come – on!  How cute?!

Why am I talking about cards?  The other day, I got a hand-written note from a friend thanking me for helping them with a project.  And I’ve got to say… in this day and age with e-mails and e-cards, there’s just something so heart-warming about receiving an unexpected card that is written out by hand.  The fact that someone took the time to pick out a card, and personally write out the note inside, it’s really special.

So the next time you have some extra spending money, pick up a pack of cute note cards (or two), and surprise someone with a little hand-written sentiment… to say hi, thank you, or just for the heck of it.  I assure you it will make the recipient’s day.