I was so excited to talk about my weekend yesterday that I completely forgot it was Muse Monday, d’oh!  I’m pretty sure this may become a common occurance; when I don’t have time to blog on the weekends, doing a wrap-up on Mondays.  So I’m going to move the weekly muse post to Tuesdays… “Tuesday Muse-day” has a nicer ring anyways. 

Joey from Pop.O.Licious has challenged herself to create a new cake pop every day for one year, and appropriately named her blog Every Day Should Pop: 365 Days of Cake Pops.  More than just posting a different pop design, she has researched national recognition days, and themed her pops around them.  For example, yesterday was “National Get Out of the Doghouse Day”, so she made Snoopy pops as well as a doghouse pop! As she states in her mission, her goal is to inspire your creativity, while you learn a random fact or two… you can’t beat entertainment and education!

Not only are her pops fun and festive, but her presentation is so creative!  There are always cute little items in the background to match the day’s theme, creating an entire scene, rather than a picture of just a pop.

It was hard to pick a favorite, but here are some that I really like…

International Sushi Day

Eat Your Veggies Day

Kitchen Klutz Day