Have you ever had a weekend that is over before you know it?  I feel like just minutes ago it was Thursday, I blinked, and now its Monday.  People joke that time flies, but it really does!  Here’s a brief recap of my adventures…

Friday.  I volunteered at ReUse Your Shoes First Annual Golf Outing.  ReUse Your Shoes is an amazing charity, local to the Philadelphia area, that collects shoes for those in need.  If sneakers are deemed unusable, they are sent to Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program – how cool is that?  The day was so much fun – great weather, great cause and even greater people.  And bonus – I won a really cool raffle prize! I usually never win ANYTHING, so I was very excited to such an amazing arrangement.

Me & my winnings!

Saturday.  Saturday started off slow. I actually lazed around the house for most of the morning for some much-needed R&R, because my legs were so sore from being on my feet all day at the golf outing.  Afterwards, I babysat for one of my “regular” families. Their two girls are such characters, and at ages 3 and 5, they are so funny.  I’ve made cake pops with them twice now, so they think they’re experts on the craft. Its too cute, because now they try to tell me what to do. “OK Miss Kim, now you have to dip it in the chocolate and shake off the extra.”

Sunday.  After getting to bed late from babysitting, I was up at 5:00am to get ready to go watch my brother participate in the Merrell Down & Dirty 10K Mud Run.  The event was really awesome! It definitely inspired me to get back to running… I am SO doing the Down & Dirty next year.  Call me crazy, but getting that dirty looked like so much fun.  My brother said that after the long course, it actually felt good to go through the mud.  I took some really cool pics throughout the race, and uploaded them to my new Flickr album.

I must say that the event crew was very conscientious of the runners.  They had a great bag-check system, plastic chair covers to put on your car seats for the drive home, bags for your dirty clothes as well as showers with soap and shampoo for the runners.  And, if you didn’t want your muddy shoes after the run, there was a tent where you could donate your shoes (& socks) to charity.

My brother, Aaron, crossing the finish line!

There’s a mud run in Quarreyville, PA, that I’m seriously considering.  Would you ever do a mud run?