On August 24, 1943, Heat Protective Apparel was patented by the United States Patent Office through patent no. 2,327,625. As a result of this patent, Lawrence E. Dickson of Chicago, Illinois, was credited with the invention of oven mitts, gloves and aprons.

Oven mitts are an essential tool for us bakers.  How else would we retrieve our confections from the wrath of a flaming hot oven?

Well my friends, I’m here to tell you that oven mitts are not only useful for taking things OUT of the oven, but they should probably be used more often to put things IN the oven.  Had I heeded this advice, I would not be sitting here with a bag of frozen fruit on my hand!  What was I doing you ask?

I have friends coming over for dinner tonight, so decided to cook a really nice meal and make lasagna.  As I was putting the lasagna in the oven, I accidentally grazed my left-hand-pointer-finger-knuckle (got that?).  It startled me a little, so I wound up over-correcting my lasagna-entry, and my right-hand-middle-and-ring-finger-knuckles rubbed up against the inner right wall of the oven. My reaction went a little something like this…

Lesson learned kids, use oven mitts for all things involving your oven… maybe I’ll buy some cute ones like this, hoo hoo!