So my night can be summed up in four B’s… babysitting, baking, blogging & the Beatles.  Allow me to explain!

I’m babysitting right now for a family with two girls, ages 7 and 6, and one boy, 4. The kids know I’m a baker, so they always love when I make stuff with them.  Tonight we made chocolate chip cookies, straight off the back of the Nestle’s chocolate chip bag… a classic recipe that never disappoints.

So that’s 2 B’s. Now that the kiddos are in bed, I’m blogging and jamming to the Beatles on Pandora.  Ahhh… “Wouldn’t it be nice” by the Beach Boys just came on…I LOVE this song! I’m literally sitting here bobbing my head along to the music, and singing out loud – folks, there’s a very good reason I’m a baker, and not a singer, LOL!

I’ve got to tell you, their mom has my dream kitchen.  Marble countertops that go on for days, a huge marble-top island, a walk-in pantry bigger than my last apartment, a red Kitchenaid stand mixer and the pièce de résistance… a double wall oven! *swoon* I mean look at this thing!

The girls drew me these pictures while the cookies were baking… 

(Top) That’s me in pink, behind the counter at my bakery, making a cake pop.
(Bottom) A sign for me to put in my window; “It will help you get lots and lots of customers to buy all your treats and you will make money.” – direct quote from the 7 year old.

I’m hoping the parents get home soon, because I’m dangerously close to scarfing down all of those cookies!

What are you all up to this weekend?