Well, this was supposed to be Saturday’s blog post, but since it’s after midnight, I guess technically it’s Sunday… well, not yet for those of you in Central and Pacific timezones, it’s still Saturday there… ok, yea, let’s go with that!

My hubby, Mike, and I got into Lancaster around 11:00am this morning. A local customer stopped by to pick up some stands (shoutout to Jen B.!); it was really fun to meet a customer in person after emailing back and forth for a few weeks. 

The day was pretty busy running errands around town. The best errand was to Best Buy where I got a new camera!!! You really have no idea how giddy I am. I’ve been sans camera for a few weeks now, so I’m very excited to have a fancy new one!

My Nan’s 85th birthday is next Friday, and she really wanted cake pops to hand out to her friends at her nursing home (how cute!). So my assistant mom and I just finished making the cutest vanilla cake pops with different color fondant flowers.  I think Nan is really going to be surprised. Stay tuned for pics tomorrow!